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Bobcats of the week of Feb. 1, 2005

Ricardo Weisskopf '08
Ricardo Weisskopf '08 (San Salvador, El Salvador) does with squash balls what the wind does with autumn leaves. Often leaving his opponents in disbelief with  finger-snap quickness and court coverage, Weisskopf continues to baffle (and impress) with deceptive racquet work. Playing in the first position, he is 8-0 in his men's squash debut; he is also the first player in Bates College history to defeat an Ivy League's varsity No. 1 seed, a feat accomplished against Brown on Jan. 21. Most recently, Weisskopf defeated Williams' No. 1 seed on Jan. 29
Kaitlyn McElroy '08
Kaitlyn McElroy '06 (Bethel, Maine), was one of six women named to the U.S. Junior World Championships Nordic ski team. She earned her spot competing in the United States National Nordic Ski Championships in Solider Hollow, Utah. The team will compete this March in Rovaniemi, Finland this March with head coach Rick Kapala and assistant coach Ben Husaby, a two-time Olympic athlete.