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Donaldson, Cosgrove the subjects of SAAC's Student-Athlete Spotlight

In an effort to shed light on Bates student-athletes' many pursuits away from athletics, the Bates College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee submits the first male and female SAAC Student-Athlete Spotlight subjects, accompanied by their own descriptions of something they do in another area of Bates life:

Zoe Donaldson '11

Field Hockey

"I sang a cappella throughout high school, and knew that I wanted to pursue it in college, as well as athletics. Actually, it was a friend of mine who signed me up for auditions first year, and the rest sort of fell into place. I've been in the group The Merimanders for four years now, and am the current president. Although balancing my commitment to field hockey and a cappella can be a bit stressful, for the most part they complement each other well. I feel very fortunate that an institution like Bates allows me to pursue all my various passions, without the pressure to pick and choose what activities I might be involved in. I can't imagine my Bates experience without both field hockey and a cappella as a part of my life."

Rory Cosgrove '11

Men's Lacrosse

"The play I'm in is called Hotel Universe, by Philip Barry. It's a 1930's dark comedy. I'll be playing the role of Stephen Field, who is the father of Ann Field, and an ex-physicist who helps Ann's friends face their pasts and make sense of their lives in the present. I've also been in All the World's a Grave by John Reed, which was an experimental play melding several stories by Shakespeare into one new one. I played Macbeth in that. I also did an independent study last semester, a monologue called Bash, by Neil LaBute, where I played John. It is relatively tough to balance everything between acting and athletics -- theater productions require the same sort of discipline that lacrosse practice does, along with the [equivalent] time commitment.  In that way being an athlete has really helped me maintain a strong level of focus in both worlds. It's like with anything: if you don't commit 100 percent, you won't get the results you're looking for. Bates is also such a great place because it allows someone with diverse interests like myself to explore so many different avenues."