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Sport Participation Information

Physical for Sport Participation

Please read the Bates Health Services Letter linked below. 

Student-Athlete Athletic Requirement Letter

Student-Athletes have a responsibility to truthfully and fully disclose their medical history and to report any changes in their health and/or use of medications to the team’s healthcare providers, ie; ATC, Bates Health Services, and Bates Sports Medicine Physicians. Any student who wishes to participate on a varsity sport team must submit to the Health Center a physical performed by their doctor within 6 months of participation. Only the Bates College Physical Exam Form  will be accepted as part of the clearance process.

Please fax Sports Participation Physicals to 207.786.8240 or mail to Bates Health Services, 31 Campus Ave., Lewiston, Maine 04240.

NCAA policy dictate that all Sports Participation Physicals must be completed by a physician within 6 months of play/participation. This physical can not be done by a family member of the athlete. The physical may be administered by an Physician’s Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner as long as they administer the exam under the supervision and approval of a licensed medical physician.

First Year Athletes who have had surgery within 9 months of participation/play must include a note of clearance from their physician returning them to sport.

Please list all medications, amounts, times per day taken on Sports Participation Physical Form. If you are currently prescribed ADD/ADHD medication, please scroll down and review the NCAA guidelines and requirements regarding this issue.

Abnormal cardiac issues noted on the Bates College Sports Participation Physical for past or present issues must have their records pertaining to the issue(s) forwarded to the Bates Health Services for review. Athletes who fail to follow through with this request will not be cleared for sport participation.

NCAA Policy Regarding ADD/ADHD

NCAA Policy states that any student athlete that has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and have been prescribed a banned substance for this diagnosis needs to provide proper documentation both by the student athlete and the prescribing physician to the Sports Medicine Department. This documentation is considered a part of the student athlete’s medical clearance and the athlete will not be cleared to participate in their sport until this documentation has been properly completed and sent to the Sports Medicine Staff

NCAA Policy Regarding Sickle Cell Testing

Effective beginning the 2013-2014 academic year all NCAA Division lll student-athletes, as part of their required medical examination or evaluation, must be tested for sickle cell trait, provide the institution with proof of a prior test, or sign a waiver declining to be tested.

If you were born in the U.S. your testing results may be available in your medical records. Contact your Primary Care Physician to inquire about retrieving these records. Please be aware that it may take up to 4 weeks for records to be found and delivered to you.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

The Sports Medicine Staff will always stay in compliance of the HIPAA act with the student-athletes of Bates College. A HIPAA form needs to be completed each year by all student-athletes to either give or deny the Sports Medicine Staff permission to speak about their injuries with certain people and groups listed on the form. This form is considered a part of the student-athlete’s medical clearance and needs to be completed and returned to the Sports Medicine Staff prior to the start of the athlete’s season in order for them to be cleared for participation in their sport.

Concussion and Injury Agreement Form

NCAA states that the student-athlete must sign a statement in which they accept the responsibility for reporting their injuries and illness to the institutional medical staff, including signs and symptoms of concussions.