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Sports Insurance Payment Coverage

Related to sports insurance coverage at Bates College, the primary insurance of the student-athlete (whether parental or self-insured) will initially be assessed for all charges related to athletic/sport injuries that are sustained during the regular designated season for the varsity and Athletic Department-sponsored club sports. 

The Bates College sports insurance will function as the supplemental/secondary coverage responsible for most if not all charges remaining following payment from the primary insurance of the student-athlete/parent. In order to qualify for usage of the Bates College sports insurance program, injuries must have occurred during an in-season sport, during an official practice or game that was supervised by coaches. Exclusions to this coverage include not being cleared in accordance to Bates College Athletics/Sports Medicine policies, practices where a coach and ATC are not present, out-of-season participation in a sport, Physical Education classes, and out-of-season conditioning activities. The Bates sports insurance coverage does not apply to non-related activities, e.g., intramural sports, slipping on ice, etc. Currently, the Bates College sports insurance will provide payment for an injury for 104 weeks/2 years from the date listed on the insurance claim form completed by a Bates College Sports Medicine staff member or the Health Services staff. It is important that injuries are reported to the athletic trainer in a timely fashion so claim forms can be completed. Any injuries disclosed to the athletic trainer after 90 days from when the injury occurred can not be submitted for claim to the insurance company and will not be covered by the Bates Secondary Insurance.

Upon injury the student-athlete will need to follow up with an Athletic Trainer or Bates College Health Services to properly document the injury. Following documentation and completion of the insurance form, the student-athlete must contact her/his primary insurer to notify them of the injury and the follow up care with the appropriate allied health professional, e.g., emergency room, x-ray, orthopedist, etc. Please review your insurance policy regarding the timeline to contact your primary care physician for approval for follow up care. Most insurance companies allow 24-48 hours to make contact with the PCP.

Failure to contact your primary care physician in the time specified by your insurance company may result in the rejection of your claim and subsequent non-coverage/payment by the Bates College sports insurance. This may leave the student-athlete/parent responsible for all bills incurred. 

It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to maintain lines of communication with respect to bills and explanation of benefits (EOB) with the liason at the Bates Health Services and/or the insurance company providing coverage which is currently Consolidated Health Plans.

Consolidated Health Plans contact information is:
2077 Roosevelt Avenue
Springfield, MA   01104
Telephone #: 1-877-657-5030
Fax #: 413-733-4612