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Men's soccer pitches in to help at Hillview, Trinity Jubilee Center

Nick Barron '13 (foreground) and Brooks Wood '15 (background) show off their dishwashing skills at Trinity Jubilee Center. (Photo by Stewart Flaherty)

Members of the Bates men's soccer team, along with other Bates students, pause for a group photo with staff members at the Hillview Resource Center.

LEWISTON, Maine -- The Bates men's soccer team is working hard and putting in significant time in its latest community service efforts, marked by team members' regular visits to the Hillview Resource Center and the Trinity Jubilee Center, both located in Lewiston.

Every Wednesday, the team goes to Hillview to participate in its Homework Help program, and for 90-minute stints they help the children there, most of whom live below the poverty line in most cases, to complete their homework.

"In addition to the obvious homework help needs being met, the youth at this public housing site are so enthralled with having Bates students in their midst!" said Carla Harris, the Resident Services Manager at Hillview. "We have had a partnering relationship with Bates College that goes back for many years. However, the participation of the soccer team is the icing on the cake for the kids -- they love soccer. Just wait till the snow melts and they give the students a run for the money on the Hillview soccer field!"

On Fridays, team members work in the soup kitchen at the Trinity Jubilee Center. Run by Kim Wettlaufer, Bates Class of 1980, since 1991, Trinity has assisted thousands of families by providing hot meals, groceries, medical clinics, academic assistance, a safe haven, and support in negotiating life's challenges.

"Throughout our 20 years of helping the underserved of downtown Lewiston, Bates College has played a pivotal role," said Wettlaufer. "The Bates men's soccer team is now continuing that legacy by volunteering on Fridays. We're thankful for their help."

The Bobcats' charitable inclinations have also been exhibited by their donation of a big box full of athletic equipment, with a big helping hand from assistant equipment manager Dave Haefele, to the NPBay auction run by New Palestine (Ind.) High School, which has raised over $33,000 over the past 11 years for charities such as the American Cancer Society.