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Men's squash defeated at Yale by No. 4 Rochester

Nick Echeverria '11

NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- The Bates College men's squash team dropped a 9-0 match to No. 4 University of Rochester on Saturday at Yale University.

The No. 11 Bobcats received game wins in the match at the No. 5 and 7 positions from sophomore Nick Echeverria (Washington, D.C.) and first-year Bobby Burns (Greenwich, Conn.), respectively.

Tomorrow Bates (2-2) travels to Williams College to take on former coach John Illig and No. 18 Middlebury at 11 a.m., followed by a match against No. 10 Williams at 1 p.m.

Rochester 9, Bates 0

1. Mahan, Kush def. by Bristow,Jim 9-5,9-3,9-5

2. Katz, William def. by Ahmed, Hameed 9-5,9-0,9-7 

3. Greenberg, Jordan def. by Fischer, Benjamin 9-0,9-0,9-0 

4. Marchisotto, Matthew def. by Reid, Frederick 9-4,9-2,9-0 

5. Echeverria, Nicholas def. by Newnham, William 6-9,9-5,9-0,9-6 

6. Russell, Chip def. by Domenick, Matt 9-2,9-0,9-0 

7. Burns, Robert def. by Chapman, Joe 9-7,9-4,9-10,9-5 

8. Williams, Patrick def. by Perkiomaki, Adam 9-1,9-0,9-1  

9. Taggart, Marc def. by Wakabayashi, Yohay 9-1,9-3,9-3 

10. Johnson, Charlie def. Goldman, Ori 5-9,9-6,9-2,8-10,9-5