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Men's crew enjoys historic day at New Englands










WORCESTER, Mass. -- The 50 points earned by the Bates oarsmen contributed to the Bobcats finishing third out of 28 schools at the New England Rowing Championships on Lake Quinsigamond on Saturday.  Between the men’s and women’s teams, a school-record five crews participated in grand finals on this historic day.

Relaxed performances in the morning heats of the varsity eight event set up a final where top-ranked crews from Trinity, Williams, and Bates would be racing in adjacent lanes with Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Coast Guard, and Wesleyan in the outside lanes.

After finishing within seconds of New England powerhouse Trinity and rival Williams in previous weeks, the Bates first varsity eight knew they had a chance at surprising the 1st and 2nd ranked crews in New England.  They ended up shocking everyone at the regatta. 

The Bobcats capped an incredibly fast start with a strong first 500 meters that put them three-quarters of a boat-length ahead of Williams and WPI with Trinity, Coast Guard, and Wesleyan trailing. 

If the oarsmen expended all of their energy early in the race, it wasn’t showing.  They commanded a three-quarter of a boat-length lead on the field well beyond the midway point of the race.

With 750 meters to go, the Bobcats were beginning to fatigue while the crew from Williams found a new gear.  Going into the final 500 meters, Williams and Bates were level with Trinity a length back.  Unfortunately, the Bobcats appeared to have equipment issues with 200 meters to go.  Although the hitch allowed both Williams and Trinity to pull through, the Bates men recovered to earn the bronze medal for the first time in school history.

The second varsity eight had a good performance in the morning’s heat and placed themselves in the grand final with Trinity, WPI, Williams, Coast Guard, and Wesleyan.  Coming into the final 500 they were contesting for medal positions with WPI, Coast Guard, and Williams but they fell off the pace as the three crews in the central lanes pulled away in the last 30 strokes.  Their fifth place finished tied the highest ever finish for a Bates second varsity eight, which was set in 2007.

“This has been a very special day for the men’s crews,” said Head Coach Peter Steenstra.  “For the seniors on the team, the results today are a culmination of four years of incredibly hard work.  In the time they’ve been here, our expectations have gone from winning the second level finals to medaling.

“The performance by the varsity eight was very courageous and the guys in that boat are special.  We look forward to another chance at these same crews next week in New Jersey.”

First Varsity Eight (Stroke: Brian Klein.  7: Matt Martone.  6: Graham Pearson.  5: Timothy Henderson.  4: Glenn Kelly.  3: Brian Quarrier.  2: Charles Biddle.  Bow: James Grant. Cox: Lindsay Thomson)

Heat #2

1. Williams 6:07.446

2. Bates 6:15.959

3. Coast Guard 6:21.472

4. Boston College 6:26.455

5. Colby 6:28.125

Grand Final

1. Williams 6:02.824

2. Trinity 6:04.215

3. Bates 6:08.594

4. WPI 6:11.914

5. Wesleyan 6:15.788

6. Coast Guard 6:26.282

Second Varsity Eight (Stroke: Dan LaFontaine.  7: Cory Sanderson.  6: Joseph Nowak.  5: Jason Weeks.  4: Peter C. Miller.  3: Matt Morgan.  2: Peter K. Miller.  Bow: Oliver Scholle.  Cox: Jack Mulvaney.)

Heat #2

1. WPI 6:17.488

2. Coast Guard 6:19.931

3. Bates 6:23.788

4. URI 6:30.980

Grand Final

1. Trinity 6:11.294

2. WPI 6:18.761

3. Williams 6:19.240

4. Coast Guard 6:19.552

5. Bates 6:28.356

6. Wesleyan 6:36.548

Second Varsity Four w/ Coxswain ((Stroke: Andy Wood.  3: Severn Patolo.  2: Daniel Miller.  Bow: Joncarl Hersey.  Cox: Gabe Silverman.)

Heat #2

1. Boston College 7:07.311

2. Vermont 7:09.708

3. Amherst 7:11.522

4. Middlebury 7:22.080

5. Bates 7:25.136

6. Wesleyan 8:02511

Petite Final

1. Tufts 7:24.116

2. Middlebury 7:25.465

3. Bates 7:34.601

4. UCONN 7:48.576

5. Wesleyan 7:58.194