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Men's rowing fourth out of 24 teams at New Englands

WORCESTER, Mass. -- The Bates men's rowing team beat out Wesleyan for fourth place among 24 teams on Saturday at the New England Rowing Championships on Lake Quinsigamond.

Bates' trophy point total at the annual regatta came out as 69.86, just ahead of Wesleyan (68.21) and trailing only Trinity (106.29), Boston College (72.64) and Williams (70.93).

Bates' varsity eight (MV8) qualified for the grand final by finishing second to Williams among seven boats in the first of two heats, 6:05.652 to 6:07.724 over 2,000 meters. Heat 2 winner Trinity edged Williams in the grand final, with the Bobcats beating out Wesleyan for third place in the day's premier race, 6:09.292 to 6:11.339.

Bates' M2V8 just missed its grand final when it was edged by WPI for third place in its six-boat heat, but the Bobcats went on to win the petite final by more than 12 seconds ahead of the University of Vermont, 6:29.145 to 6:41.188.

Bates' M3V8 was nipped by Wesleyan for first place out of five boats in its first heat, 6:24.419 to 6:25.026. The Cardinals edged the Bobcats again for second place in the M3V8 Grand Final, 6:27.381 to 6:29.968, with Trinity in first (6:21.304). Williams finished less than two seconds behind Bates, in 6:31.891.

Bates also fielded the winning boat in the novice fours grand final, at 7:14.589 more than six seconds faster than BC (7:20.858).

In men's and women's combined NERC standings, Bates finished a close third to Williams, 164.74 to 159.13, with Trinity winning at 209.30.


Men’s Boats (Last Week):

Varsity 8: coxswain Jacob Sandor ’14, Charlie Carey ’13, Welles Mathison ’16,  Peter Haley ’13, Hank Schless ’14, Andre Gobbo ’13, Nicholas Muccio ’16, Matthew Johns ’13, Nicholas Flynn ’14

2nd Varsity 8: coxswain Maggie Carey ’14, Perry Mortimer ’15, Sam MacGregor’ 14, Caleb Glassman ’14, Ryan Conrad ’15, Matthew Silverman ’15, Jamie Naso ’16, Alex Hadiaris ’15, Jackson Moore ’16,  Jamie Naso ’16.

3rd Varsity 8: coxswain Marit Wettstein ’16, Evan Cooper ’15, Andrew Voss ’16, Leo Foglizzo ’16, Tommy Fitzgerald ’16, William Curley ’16, Samuel Maher ’16, Alex Moskovitz ’16, Chris Kussmaul ’16

Novice 4 : Coxswain Zhen Gong ’16, John Albanese ’16, Cody Jenkins ’14, Mark Charest ’15, Ian Ramsay ’16.

Novice 4 (B): Coxswain Marit Wettstein ’16, William Curley ’16, Chris Kussmaul ’16, ALex Moskovitz ’16, Jack Tamposi ’13.