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Men's varsity eight edges Ithaca to reach NICR grand final

WORCESTER, Mass. -- Bates' men's varsity eight reached the grand final for the second straight year with a gritty performance in its preliminary heat, highlighting the National Invitational Collegiate Regatta and ECAC Rowing Championships Sunday on Lake Quinsigamond. The regatta represents the end of the spring season for the Bobcat men.

Racing in the second of three preliminary heats, Bates' MV8 finished the 2,000-meter course in 5:57.533, only 1.74 seconds behind heat winner Michigan and a mere .288 seconds ahead of third-place Ithaca, which became the difference between moving on to the grand or petite finals.

Bates rowed the grand final in 6:01.752, the sixth and final boat, behind Michigan (5:49.176), Williams 5:52.977), Hobart (5:54.813), Trinity (5:55.290) and Marist (6.01.523).

By making the grand final and placing sixth, the MV8 tied for its second-best performance ever at the NICR. The NICR also doubles as the NESCAC Rowing Championship, making the Bobcats again the third-place team in the conference.

Bates fielded a men's open four that finished second out of seven boats in its grand final for the second straight year. Trinity won in 7:05.839, followed by Bates in 7:11.523, Hobart B in 7:12.982, Hobart A in 7:15.049, and Michigan in 7:20.207 to round out the top five.

Bates' M2V8 finished fourth in its preliminary heat, in a time of 6:16.230, ahead of Coast Guard but behind Marist, Boston College and Hobart, and so missed qualifying for the grand final for the first time in three years. The Bobcats placed third among six boats in the petite final, in 6:27.554, ahead of WPI, Ithaca and Colby but behind Wesleyan and Hobart.

Bates didn't field an M3V8 at last year's NICR, but did field one this year that qualified for the grand final and finished fifth among six boats, beating out Marist. In order to make the grand final, the boat beat out Williams 6:22.322 to 6:24.349 for third place in its preliminary heat.


Men’s Boats:

Varsity 8: coxswain Jacob Sandor ’14, Charlie Carey ’13, Welles Mathison ’16,  Peter Haley ’13, Hank Schless ’14, Andre Gobbo ’13, Nicholas Muccio ’16, Matthew Johns ’13, Nicholas Flynn ’14

2nd Varsity 8: coxswain Maggie Carey ’14, Perry Mortimer ’15, Sam MacGregor’ 14, Caleb Glassman ’14, Ryan Conrad ’15, Matthew Silverman ’15, Jamie Naso ’16, Alex Hadiaris ’15, Jackson Moore ’16,  Jamie Naso ’16.

3rd Varsity 8: coxswain Marit Wettstein ’16, Evan Cooper ’15, Andrew Voss ’16, Leo Foglizzo ’16, Tommy Fitzgerald ’16, William Curley ’16, Samuel Maher ’16, Alex Moskovitz ’16, Chris Kussmaul ’16