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Rowing teams fit right in at San Diego Crew Classic

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- As the only Division III team that competed at the San Diego Crew Classic, widely considered to be the unofficial opening of the sprint racing season in North America, the Bates men's and women's rowing teams looked right at home amidst competition from Division I and II schools in the two-day regatta that concluded on Sunday.

Bates' women's varsity eight (WV8), which impressively made the grand final in the Women's Collegiate Varsity Division, was a more than respectable fifth out of six boats, in a time of 6:59.91, trailing Miami (6:43.30), USD (6:47.09), British Columbia (6:52.58) and Loyola (6:56.51) but outpacing St. Mary's (7:02.71).

Bates' WV8 got to the Varsity A Cal Cup grand final with its impressive third-place performance in its Saturday heat, where the Bobcats were outpaced by the University of San Diego (6:42.30) and Loyola Marymount (6:47.51), but at 6:52.80 were ahead of Kansas State (6:57.93), St. Joseph's (6:58.03) and Southern Methodist (7:04.31).

Bates' W2V8 outpaced Loyola but behind USC, Washington, Duke and USD, and didn't qualify for their petite final; they did, however, make the third-level final later in the day, finishing above their 16th seeding with a win in that race, a mere .02 seconds ahead of Kansas State, 7:07.78 to 7:07.80, with Miami third at 7:10.72.

Bates' W3V8 placed second out of six teams, behind only Union (B.C.) and ahead of UCI, Long Beach, UCSD and UCSB, in a time of 7:30.19.

Bates also fielded a young Wv4, which finished fourth out of six in its prelim on Saturday -- at 8:19.36, between third-place UC Irvine (8:09.42) and fifth-place UC Santa Barbara (8:28.38). The boat took fourth place in Sunday's grand final, at 8:41.64, well ahead of Portland State (9:06.29) and behind UCSD, UCO and UCI.

The Bates M2V8. File photo by Mason Cox '07.

The Bates M2V8 was beaten out by UC Irvine for the final spot in the petite final at the San Diego Crew Classic on April 6, 2013. File photo by Mason Cox '07.

The Bates men's varsity eight (MV8) outpaced Santa Clara for fifth place in the Men's Collegiate Varsity Petite race, 6:19.41 to 6:22.10. USD again nipped Bates, but by a much smaller margin, just .14 seconds, 6:19.27 to 6:19.41, a day after beating the Bobcats by less more than four seconds for third place in the C heat. A very competitive race was won by Oklahoma City (6:12.70), followed closely by UCSD (6:12.85), Washington State (6:17.46), USD and Bates. On Saturday, the Bates MV8 was right in the middle among seven boats at 6:13.07, behind Orange County (6:05.60), Purdue (6:06.28) and USD (6:08.80) but well ahead of Loyola, USC and San Diego State.

Bates' M2V8 barely missed out on Sunday's petite final in its Saturday heat. As described by assistant coach Devin Fay in The Bates Rower blog, "They pushed hard for a chance to row in the petite, but they came up short by an incredibly small margin an exciting finish.... slow motion was needed to decide that they got nosed out by UC Irvine for a spot."

Bates also competed at the regatta in 2011.


Lineups for Bates boats at the San Diego Crew Classic:

MV8: Coxswain Jacob Sandor, Nicholas Muccio '16, Peter Haley '13, Hank Schless '14, Andre Gobbo '13, Welles Mathison '16, Matthew Johns '13, Matthew Silverman' '15 and Charlie Carey '13.

M2V8: Coxswain Maggie Carey '14, Perry Mortimer '15, William Curley '16, Jackson Moore '16, Sam MacGregor '14, Tommy Fitzgerald '16, Jamie Naso '16, Evan Cooper '15 and Alex Hadiaris '15.

WV8: Coxswain Gabby Bilotta '14, Eliza Barkan '15, Elizabeth Sangree '15, Heather Monty '14, Alex Hill '14, Hope King '14, Mallory Ward '15, Jenna Armstrong '15, and Aisling Ryan '14.

W2V8: Coxswain Molly Huffaker '15, Sarah Murphy '14, Rachel Ellis '14, Lauren Hadiaris '13, Hadley Dawson '14, Taylor Kniffin '14, Emma Taylor '16, Rebecca O'Neill '15, and Alison Simmons '16.

W3V8: Coxswain Emma-Kate Lindsay, Clara Jessup '16,  Margaux Joselow '16, Kiera Degener-O'Brien '16, Caroline Kern '15, Michelle Kelley '16, Caroline Caldwell '15, Hannah Weiss '15, and Rebecca Moore '15.

WV4: Coxswain Nancy Tran '16, Sarah Brooks '16, Caroline Caldwell '15, Michelle Kelley '16 and Emma Conover '16.