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Bates women's squash team wins at Colby, 7-2

Kelsey Engman '07

WATERVILLE, Maine -- The No. 9 nationally ranked Bates College women's squash team scored a decisive 7-2 win at No. 12 Colby on Wednesday night, raising the Bobcats' record to 6-2 this season. Colby dropped to 3-2.

Senior co-captain Kelsey Engman (Haverford, Pa.) won at the No. 1 spot for Bates, defeating Colby's Stacy Petro in straight games, and the Bobcats scored at positions 4 through 9 for the win.

The Bates women next play at No. 3 Trinity on Friday night, prior to a round robin tournament at Yale this weekend.

Bates 7, Colby 2

#1  Kelsey Engman B  beat  Stacy Petro C  2,6,1

#2  Samantha Smith C  beat  Whitney Roller B  (1), (6), 6,4,6

#3  Nina Delano C  beat  Hannah Laverty  B  (2), 5,5,6

#4  Charlotte Gerrish B  beat  Jessica Vogel  C  10-8, 4,0

#5  Schuyler Haynes B  beat  Catherine Monrad  C  5,0,1

#6  Caroline Lemoine B  beat  Maddie Dufour  C  4,5,1

#7  Sarah Blomstedt  B  beat  Sophie Newbury  C  0,3,1

#8  Jenny Imrich B  beat  Beth Cole C  0,2,0

#9  Margot Webel  B  Beat  Kate Dziedzic  C  10-9, 4, 0

#10  Sophie Runquist B  beat  Lindsay Snyder  C  1,0,3