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Women's squash splits pair of matches in Connecticut





MIDDLETOWN and NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- The Bates College women's squash team defeated Wesleyan University decisively 9-0 on Saturday morning before getting nipped 5-4 by No. 11 Mount Holyoke College at Yale University on Saturday afternoon.

First-year Mimi Neal (Danvers, Mass.) won both matches on the day and has won five straight at the No. 6 position for Bates (2-5). The Mt. Holyoke match came down to the No. 5 position, where senior Sophie Runquist (Kent, Conn.) fell in a five-set marathon.

Senior Sarah Blomstedt (Gill, Mass.) and sophomores Anna Hogeland (Williamstown, Mass.) and Stephanie Cabot (Dover, Mass.) all went 2-0 on the day as well.

Bates wraps up the weekend with a match against Franklin & Marshall on Sunday at 11:30 a.m. at Yale, followed by a match at Trinity College at 2 p.m.

Bates 9, Wesleyan 0

1. Simchik, Casey def. by Roller, Whitney 9-6,9-4,9-2

2. Hunter, Gwynne def. by Laverty, Hannah 9-0,9-0,9-1 

3. Demakos, Elizabeth def. by Webel, Margot 9-0,8-10,0-9,9-6,9-0 

4. Giuliano, Andrea def. by Blomstedt, Sarah 9-4,9-0,9-0

5. Bhandari, Keera def. by Neal, Maura 9-0,9-1,9-2 

6. Fox, Caroline def. by Hogeland, Anna 9-1,9-0,9-0

7. Kalafus, Katherine def. by Cabot, Stephanie 9-1,9-1,9-0 

8. Chu, Jenny def. by Schippers, Virginia 9-7,9-6,9-5 

9. Larner, Elizabeth def. by Russell, Emily 9-7,9-2,9-10,9-7 

Mt. Holyoke 5, Bates 4

1. Roller, Whitney def. by Anckerman, Pamela 9-0,9-4,9-0 

2. Laverty, Hannah def. by Gurunada, Vidushi 10-9,9-1,9-4 

3. Webel, Margot def. by Robinson, Laura 9-1,9-8,9-4 

4. Blomstedt, Sarah def. Robertson, Shara 9-5,5-9,9-6,9-5  

5. Runquist, Sophie def. by Lue Yen, Laurian 4-9,9-7,4-9,9-4,9-4 

6. Neal, Maura def. Rojek, Paulina 9-1,9-0,9-0 

7. Hogeland, Anna def. Kolodziejczak, Katarzyna 9-4,9-2,9-4 

8. Cabot, Stephanie def. Khan, Lila 9-2,9-3,9-0 

9. Schippers, Virginia def. by Hettiarachchi, Menusha 9-0,9-1,9-2 

10. Russell, Emily def. Simpson, Hillela 10-8,9-6,9-5