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Women's squash upset 5-4 by Middlebury





WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. -- The No. 12 ranked Bates College women's squash was upset in a 5-4 nailbiter by No. 15 Middlebury on Sunday at Williams College, before falling 7-2 to the host and No. 9 Ephs.

Senior Sarah Blomstedt (Gill, Mass.) routed her opponent 3-0 at the No. 4 position, while senior captain Margot Webel (Locust Valley, N.Y.), sophomore Stephanie Cabot (Dover, Mass.) and first-year Mimi Neal (Danvers, Mass.) all won their matches 3-1. Neal won her match decisively 3-0 against her Williams opponent, while Cabot came back from 0-8 in the fifth game to win her match 3-2.

This week Bates will take on Vassar at Yale on Friday, then play at Wesleyan on Saturday morning before returning to Yale to play Mt. Holyoke on Saturday afternoon and Franklin & Marshall on Sunday morning. The Bobcats (0-4) wrap up the weekend with a match at Trinity College on Sunday afternoon.

Middlebury 5, Bates 4

1. Hatfield, Sally def. Roller, Whitney 9-1,9-4,9-1

2. Shannon, Virginia def. Laverty, Hannah 9-7,9-7,7-9,9-8 

3. Tilney, Avery def. by Webel, Margot 9-1,9-4,4-9,9-5 

4. DeCamp, Sarah def. by Blomstedt, Sarah 9-4,9-1,9-2 

5. Bostwick, Kathryn def. Runquist, Sophie 9-6,2-9,1-9,9-1,9-5 

6. Woodworth, Caroline def. by Neal, Maura 9-2,6-9,9-1,9-2 

7. McMorris, Elisabeth def. Hogeland, Anna 9-8,9-3,9-6 

8. Burchfield, Jamie def. by Cabot, Stephanie 9-10,9-3,10-8,9-7 

9. Boillot, Alexandra def. Schippers, Virginia 9-2,9-3,9-3 

10. Farquhar, Brooke def. Russell, Emily 9-5,9-3,9-2

Williams 7, Bates 2

1. Eyre, Toby def. Roller, Whitney 9-4,9-0,9-0 

2. Coxe, Jennifer def. Laverty, Hannah 9-5,9-5,9-0 

3. Bogle, Courtney def. Webel, Margot 9-0,9-1,9-2 

4. Kourides, Arianna def. Blomstedt, Sarah 9-0,9-0,9-2 

5. Henry, Caroline def. Runquist, Sophie 9-4,9-0,9-3 

6. Kaemmer, Carolyn def. by Neal, Maura 9-6,9-5,9-4 

7. Mannava, Kavitha def. Hogeland, Anna 9-4,8-10,3-9,10-8,9-2 

8. Reiser, Julia def. by Cabot, Stephanie 6-9,6-9,9-5,9-7,10-8 

9. Barnet, Stephanie def. Schippers, Virginia 9-0,9-2,9-0 

10. Gordon, Grace def. by Russell, Emily 9-4,9-2,9-2