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Women's squash beats Wesleyan, BC, Conn College



CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- The Bates College women's squash team completed an undefeated opening weekend on Saturday, rolling to victory over three opponents at Harvard University on Saturday. Bates (4-0) defeated NESCAC opponent Wesleyan 8-1, followed by 9-0 victories over Boston College and NESCAC foe Connecticut College.

Sophomores Mimi Neal (Danvers, Mass.) and Courtney Talcott (Dover, Mass.) were particularly dominant, not dropping a single game all day.

The next match for the women is against the three-time defending national champion Princeton Tigers in Princeton, N.J., on Dec. 5.

Bates 8, Wesleyan 1

1. Parris,Cheri-Ann def. Simchik,Casey (W) 11-3,11-5,11-4

2. Laverty,Hannah def. (Not available) (W) 11-3,11-2,11-6

3. Roller,Whitney def. (Not available) (W) 8-11,11-9,12-10,11-6

4. Neal,Maura def. (Not available) (W) 11-7,11-2,11-6

5. Bragg,Alison def. Hunter,Gwynne (W) 11-7,11-4,11-4

6. Dorison,Liza def. Chu,Jenny (W) 11-13,11-5,11-7,11-7

7. Rice,Carlie def. by Fox,Caroline (W) 11-5,13-11,13-11

8. Ruth,Megan def. Larner,Elizabeth (W) 11-5,11-4,11-4

9. Talcott,Courtney def. (Not available) (W) 11-9,11-8,5-11,12-10

Bates 9, Connecticut College 0

1. Flynn,Caroline (C) def. by Parris,Cheri-Ann (B) 11-6,11-7,11-4

2. Abrams,Laura (C) def. by Laverty,Hannah (B) 11-9,11-4,11-6

3. Nadler,Louise (C) def. by Roller,Whitney (B) 11-4,11-4,11-3

4. Hyslip,Jennifer (C) def. by Neal,Maura (B) 11-5,11-4,11-2

5. Leeds,Victoria (C) def. by Bragg,Alison (B) 11-5,11-5,11-5

6. (Not available) (C) def. by Dorison,Liza (B) 11-3,11-1,11-3

7. (Not available) (C) def. by Rice,Carlie (B) 11-5,11-5,11-8

8. (Not available) (C) def. by Ruth,Megan (B) 11-3,11-2,11-4

9. (Not available) (C) def. by Talcott,Courtney (B) 11-2,11-3,11-3